Holy Ground

4/3/2019 in Category

By Lindsey Roberts, YFC Leader since 2018

This past Monday, Kacee appeared before me as I was chatting with other students during lunch, and proceeded to just stand next to me.  Once the... More

God Decided That YFC Wasn’t Over for Me

4/20/2018 in Category Volunteers, Youth Ministry, Leadership, City Life

From Campus Life in Damascus, Maryland, to City Life in Tillicum, WA,  Emily is an example of the courage and commitment of our leaders. Emily’s story starts in high school by giving her life... More

Every Tear, Every Prayer, Every Hug Matters

3/1/2018 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry, Sex Trafficking

Ministry can look like a lot of closed doors. It can look like invitations rejected, backs turned, and relationships lost. So often staff and volunteers pour their hearts into a young person... More

More Leaders | More Impact

12/29/2017 in Category

Bailey is seventeen. Bailey is passionate, loyal, creative, and a born leader. Ever since we met her a few years ago in Remann Hall her home life has been inconsistent. The Anew Safe Space... More

Meet Kiara

12/4/2017 in Category

“If it wasn’t for YFC I would have never had an experience with God or a family to learn about Him with.”

When Rachel met Kiara at a City Life gathering she was sitting alone. She was... More