Summer heat got us like…!

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What a summer it has been! From pool party's to YFC Camp, baptisms, and more... our team has been working hard to make this summer memorable for youth across Pierce County. Check it out!



YFC Camp - Black Diamond Camp and Canyons Camp

We finished up two incredible camps this summer thanks to the help of our giving partners, volunteers, and YFC staff across the country! With more than 400 youth, dozens of Project Serve Teams and amazing volunteers, young people got the chance to have the week of their life and respond to God's story in meaningful ways. Each year, YFC Camp is a place where young people get to experience God in a unique setting. We can't thank everyone enough who made this possible! We will have more stories under the camp blog, but in the meantime, take a quick look at 4 of the kids who went to camp this summer at YFC Camp Stories.

Parent Life Pool Party

The Parent Life ministry is off and running, and what better way to run our first event than having a pool party on a hot summers day?! Ashley, our Parent Life Coordinator, has been busy praying and preparing for young girls in need of support and guidance to find a welcome place at Parent Life. With a vision for future programs, this first step in the story of Parent Life marks an incredible moment and new relationships to build from! If you would like to hear more about Ashley Robinson, our Parent Life ministry, and how you could get involved, please feel free to contact her at [email protected].

Youth Baptized from Lincoln High School

Together with local church partner Soma Tacoma, Tacoma Area YFC City Life Coordinator Sondra Chamberlain experienced a memorable moment with several students from Lincoln High School. Throughout the year, the ministry team to Lincoln High (made up of mostly volunteers from local churches) spends time giving early morning car rides to school, weekends at games and after school practices, serving students from Lincoln High School. Because of their heart and desire to see young people engage with God's story, many of these young people have come to Christ over the past few years. This summer, Sondra and her team got to lead many of these students in a time to proclaim their love of Jesus publicly through baptism! Would you celebrate with us and the Lincoln ministry team in these stories, that God continues to shape them and guide them this year? Contact Sondra Chamberlain if you are interested in getting involved with our City Life Lincoln High School ministry by emailing her at [email protected].

Tillicum Youth Center Serves the Community

Tillicum is sometimes a neglected area of Pierce County. Our desire is to see Tillicum’s youth restored and engaged lead to the forming of a youth and family center many years ago. Since that time, the Tillicum Youth and Family Center has become an vital part of the community. Jonah, our Tillicum Youth and Family Director, and a team of young people, spent a week in the hot sun serving the entire Tillicum area by picking up loose garbage, cleaning up yards, and doing some much needed maintenance throughout the area. What is most exciting is not only the work that was accomplished but the relationships formed in the process. To learn more about our ministry in the Tillicum area contact Jonah Ssebaggala at [email protected].

For more information please contact us at [email protected] or by calling us at 1-253-292-1499.

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