Meet Rachel

1/11/2017 in Category

She's "the hand" behind the #weshowup campaign, but she's more than just talented with a sharpie. Rachel leads our yfc core ministry which grows young people deeper in their faith and in... More


11/30/2016 in Category

I thought nobody was there for me in life when things got rough... I was wrong.

Growing up hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been a fight. Like many of my peers, my home life was not ideal due... More

The urgency of prayer

10/16/2016 in Category Bobby Arkills, Leadership

There is an urgency in my life right now. Let me explain.

My oldest daughter, Kelsey, is a senior in high school. In 10 months she’ll be on her own, attending college and somewhat... More

We Serve Hilltop

9/19/2016 in Category

Faced with incredible challenges and obstacles, many of Hilltop’s youth will never have the opportunity to get out of a life of gangs, poverty, abuse and drugs....

We refuse to accept... More

Summer heat got us like…!

8/12/2016 in Category Education, Teen Parenting, Bobby Arkills, Youth Ministry, Leadership, Campus Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Sex Trafficking, City Life, Camp

What a summer it has been! From pool party's to YFC Camp, baptisms, and more... our team has been working hard to make this summer memorable for youth across Pierce County. Check it... More