From one of our Work Crew staff

9/9/2011 in Category Camp

From one of our Tacoma YFC Work Crew staff:
I took a few of my girls to Canyons as Work Crew. Some have known the Lord for a few years, one, "Destiny," just got saved last November. She... More

Dear Lord

9/9/2011 in Category Camp

On the fourth night of camp the students were given 30 minutes of solo time to write a letter to God.
Here is what one middle schooler wrote:
Dear Lord, Thank you for being in my life and my... More

Surrendering his burden to One greater

9/9/2011 in Category Camp

One of our volunteers signed up his two sons for camp. One of the sons was in the High School camp with an amazing leader. As the week went on the leader saw that this young man desired to... More

Mother and daughter—lives changed:

9/9/2011 in Category Camp

Mother and daughter—lives changed:
One of our volunteers was counseling middle school girls, but she brought her daughter to camp and this girl was in the high school camp. I didn’t know... More

Every dollar counts

7/26/2011 in Category

"Lemonade, get your lemonade!" At the recent Taste of Tacoma young Fiona (6 years old) and her sister, Kyra (4 years old) decided to put up a lemonade stand in order to help kids go to... More