The Ministry of Development

6/16/2011 in Category

Ever had a one way conversation--no give and take, no interest from the other person in getting to know you? I have and can attest, they're not that enjoyable.  By nature I'm an inquisitive... More

Baby A’reija is Here!!!

6/13/2011 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. 4am. I was wide awake. I lay in bed and asked the Lord, why am I wide awake this early? My thoughts went to Air and her contractions starting the... More

Teamwork, paper ninjas, and a paralytic

5/24/2011 in Category

Teamwork, paper ninjas, and a paralytic

As I walked into First Creek Campus Life this afternoon I was taken back down memory lane to the many years I led YFC middle school... More

Lily, student leadership team member

5/13/2011 in Category City Life

Our City Life Sozo leaders have known Lily for some time now, but Darrin Miller, City Life Director, just recently got to know her. “We first met her at a Girl’s Night we did back in March... More

Partnership and a Pipeline

4/12/2011 in Category City Life

September 16, 2010

Partnership and a Pipeline

by Amy Jonson, Sozo Kids-City Life Volunteer

 “I’m already seeing the benefits of our time at Baskin Robbins last week with the new... More