Anika’s song

Posted on by Bobby Arkills

October 15, 2010

Anika’s song

Last night we had one of our Tacoma YFC ministry partner desserts in Gig Harbor to give an update on all the Lord is doing through Tacoma YFC. I was honored to bring as guests Trent Nelson (City Life middle school director), Heather Starkey (key volunteer at Jason Lee City Life club), and Anika Lee, a student at Jason Lee. What I knew about Anika as we made our way across the bridge to Steve and Joane Moceri’s home was that Anika gave her life to Jesus at our Winter Camp this past February and has been faithfully discipled by Heather and another volunteer, Brynne Abraham.

What I didn’t realize was that this shy 12 year old was an aspiring song writer and poet! During the evening we asked Anika to share a bit how Jesus is changing her life and she often referred to her relationship with Heather and Brynne as a key source of support. As the night came to a close, Heather read a poem that Anika wrote while Brynne was in the hospital this past summer. It was full of honesty, love and admiration. The impact of these two 20 something ladies on this 12 year old was clearly powerful. We then finished by giving each couple in the room a copy of a song that Anika had written and was subsequently put to music by Brynne and Heather’s friend, Ryan Kee.

As we left Gig Harbor on our way home I said, “Anika, do you mind if we listen to your song on the way home?” A quiet “ok” pierced the silence and we listened. I was amazed to listen the God given potential that has been unlocked in this little girl. Click on the link below to enjoy the song yourself…

My King

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