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How We Respond Matters

11/12/2012 in Category

“Your response IS the gospel to these kids…”  

This was the advice from Kate, one of our Head Leaders, to a Tacoma YFC adult leader as the three of us walked out of a tense meeting at... More

Never Finished Learning

10/12/2012 in Category

Twenty one years ago I began my career with YFC in Whitefish, Montana and I immediately became a “youth expert”.  I read all the right books, sat through the trainings and discussed the... More

Leaders in Their Own Backyards

9/24/2012 in Category

Leaders in their own backyards

“When I see Sophia, I see myself—she’s crazy, bold, rebellious…and I love that girl!”

At a recent City Life team meeting we introduced our newest paid... More

Great Advice

6/18/2012 in Category

One of my good friends, Tim Skrivan, is so wise that often his phrases of counsel earn an “ism” at the end. You know, “Wow, that’s really good. What a Skrivanism!” He’s the E.F. Hutton (for... More

Working together with the local church…

4/11/2012 in Category Campus Life

Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was the "A Team". Although Mr. T with his gold chains and "I pity the fool!" attitude gathered quite a bit of attention, it was the words of... More