Author: Bobby Arkills

Starting “Parent Life”

5/5/2016 in Category Teen Parenting, Bobby Arkills, City Life

“Wait, you forgot your daughter!”

No, this wasn’t a declaration at the end of swim practice or following a long day at school. This was a snapshot of the day our oldest daughter, Kelsey... More

Being A Dad

4/5/2016 in Category Bobby Arkills, Leadership, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Sex Trafficking

As a dad of 3 teenage girls... there is a certain statistic in the United States that breaks my heart, specifically, because my daughters are between the ages of 14-17.

"300,000 children... More

Rwanda YFC visits Tacoma

10/10/2011 in Category

In the fall of 2000 I received a phone call from a man named Jean Baptiste Mugarura. He stated that he was the national director of Rwanda (Africa) Youth for Christ and wished to visit me... More

Every dollar counts

7/26/2011 in Category

"Lemonade, get your lemonade!" At the recent Taste of Tacoma young Fiona (6 years old) and her sister, Kyra (4 years old) decided to put up a lemonade stand in order to help kids go to... More

The Ministry of Development

6/16/2011 in Category

Ever had a one way conversation--no give and take, no interest from the other person in getting to know you? I have and can attest, they're not that enjoyable.  By nature I'm an inquisitive... More