Being A Dad

4/5/2016 in Category

As a dad of 3 teenage girls... there is a certain statistic in the United States that breaks my heart, specifically, because my daughters are between the ages of 14-17.

"300,000 children are at

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3 Ways The Church Must Awaken to Sex Trafficking

3/29/2016 in Category

“I tell them they have a pretty smile.”


Recently a pimp was interviewed about his process for recruiting girls into trafficking. His answer caused me to tremble...

"I tell them they have

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Jesus Overcame

3/25/2016 in Category

This Easter, we remember that Jesus is the one who conquered and who overcame.

From Bobby Arkills

He lived the life that we could not so we could join in His banquet and be welcomed as friends,

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Head & Heart: Why we care about both.

3/18/2016 in Category

As you drive southward on Interstate-5 through Pierce County, you will see beautiful things through your window. Things like the waters of Puget Sound, the Downtown Tacoma skyline, and a snowcapped

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Stepping up: Our Response to Sex Trafficking

3/9/2016 in Category

Our Response to Sex Trafficking in Pierce County - Part 1

For an engineer who could put “Creator of the Universe” on his resume, Jesus is pretty bad at basic math.

“What do you think? If a

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