1 Mile = A World Away

8/24/2015 in Category

“Is there a Vietnamese Church in Tacoma?”

Recently I received a text from a foster parent asking if we knew any Vietnamese churches in the area. The foster youth in her home, Jackie, was feeling

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Let Youth Lead: Practical Steps for Empowerment

8/3/2015 in Category

4 weeks ago, at the start of our first camp for the summer, Doug Jonson got a call from home that demanded his presence immediately.

A teachable moment

In the wake of Doug’s absence, someone

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Parents… Your Voice Matters

7/14/2015 in Category

“I can’t talk to my mom anymore! I told her that I was interested in girls (and boys) and she flew off the handle” - Sienna sent this comment to a leader just a few days after camp.

Three years

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Forgiveness Out Of Violence

7/10/2015 in Category

Pop! Pop! Pop! Shots rang out on the streets of Tacoma as bystanders ran in every direction. A 17-year-old young man named Marcus had been shot. He died that night.

A few weeks later Jamal was

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The Story of Javon

7/10/2015 in Category

Honestly, the fact that this child is even alive is a miracle.” I heard this statement over the phone a few days ago, and I knew that it was true.

My name is Janelle, and I am a social worker. My

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