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“Starting over”

10/2/2013 in Category

One of my newest, and most brave, friends is 16 year old Quentin.  Quentin's been involved with our City Life ministry for nearly 5 years, dating back to his days at Jason Lee Middle School and

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“Near death vs. real life”

9/11/2013 in Category

I'm not sure if you saw me in the crowd but I was one of the 67,000+ that recently set the Seattle Sounders attendance record. Amazing game, unbelievable view, ridiculous  parking and really

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Where Everything Changes

7/18/2013 in Category

"Where Everything Changes"--that's the YFCamp motto and for thousands of kids over the past 10 years a week at camp has literally changed the course of their life. YFCamp was where Jesus became

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1, 2, 3, Eyes on Me!

2/19/2013 in Category

1, 2, 3 eyes on me..remember that phrase? Even today it takes me back to grade school and the pleas of Mrs Parrish for her 3rd graders attention.

The truth is, we all love attention, don't we?

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How We Respond Matters

11/12/2012 in Category

“Your response IS the gospel to these kids…”  

This was the advice from Kate, one of our Head Leaders, to a Tacoma YFC adult leader as the three of us walked out of a tense meeting at YFCamp this

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