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It takes a village to raise a kid

10/12/2015 in Category

9 years ago we started Sozo and Sozo Late Night. Every Friday night the People’s Center gym in Hilltop was jam-packed with teenagers for two hours. We soon had a really good problem…there were so

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Gospel and Pixar

4/22/2015 in Category

You’ve just been served

Very recently, during a Thursday night meeting of high school students on the Hilltop we call Sozo, a 15-year old freshman named “Martell” wanted to spend some time with

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That Took a Lot of Guts

4/2/2013 in Category

By Education Specialist Nate Duriga

Last fall, we started the Scholar’s Program at the Tillicum Youth & Family Center. Our mission is to provide tutoring and mentoring to a small group of

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Sozo: To Preserve? - Blog by Doug Jonson

3/14/2012 in Category


by Doug Jonson

I am the Director of our weekly ministry in the Hilltop called Sozo. People often ask me what Sozo stands for and I explain that it’s a Greek word that’s

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I Just Want You to Pray For Me - by Myron Bernard

2/8/2012 in Category













There’s something beautiful about praying with a kid.

Last week at Sozo, a kid I’ve met once before asked me to pray for him. An 8th grader from

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