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Gospel and Pixar

4/22/2015 in Category

You’ve just been served

Very recently, during a Thursday night meeting of high school students on the Hilltop we call Sozo, a 15-year old freshman named “Martell” wanted to spend some time with

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That Took a Lot of Guts

4/2/2013 in Category

By Education Specialist Nate Duriga

Last fall, we started the Scholar’s Program at the Tillicum Youth & Family Center. Our mission is to provide tutoring and mentoring to a small group of

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Sozo: To Preserve? - Blog by Doug Jonson

3/14/2012 in Category


by Doug Jonson

I am the Director of our weekly ministry in the Hilltop called Sozo. People often ask me what Sozo stands for and I explain that it’s a Greek word that’s

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I Just Want You to Pray For Me - by Myron Bernard

2/8/2012 in Category













There’s something beautiful about praying with a kid.

Last week at Sozo, a kid I’ve met once before asked me to pray for him. An 8th grader from

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Lily, student leadership team member

5/13/2011 in Category

Our City Life Sozo leaders have known Lily for some time now, but Darrin Miller, City Life Director, just recently got to know her. “We first met her at a Girl’s Night we did back in March of 2009.

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