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Loading up for camp

6/28/2016 in Category

75 middle schoolers from the Tacoma area are at camp right now hearing about the story of Jesus. Will you pray for them today?

It was time for camp.

No matter how much we plan and coordinate,

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Why I’m passionate about serving teen parents

5/9/2016 in Category

By Ashley Robinson, Parent Life Coordinator

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a part of a family. Growing up, my mom was a single mom and worked a lot in order to provide for us kids (my

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Starting “Parent Life”

5/5/2016 in Category

“Wait, you forgot your daughter!”

No, this wasn’t a declaration at the end of swim practice or following a long day at school. This was a snapshot of the day our oldest daughter, Kelsey (now 17),

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Head & Heart: Why we care about both.

3/18/2016 in Category

As you drive southward on Interstate-5 through Pierce County, you will see beautiful things through your window. Things like the waters of Puget Sound, the Downtown Tacoma skyline, and a snowcapped

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It takes a village to raise a kid

10/12/2015 in Category

9 years ago we started Sozo and Sozo Late Night. Every Friday night the People’s Center gym in Hilltop was jam-packed with teenagers for two hours. We soon had a really good problem…there were so

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