Category: Foster Care

We the Hopeful

6/30/2015 in Category

We followed our guide quietly through the drop in center placed strategically in the heart of New York City. This safe haven was as close to home and a family as most of the girls visiting it had

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You can say “Yes”

5/29/2015 in Category

Throughout May, we’ve put our efforts into raising awareness and increasing education around the topic of foster care. Every day, the needs of these children motivate us to keep going.

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8 Eye Opening Facts

5/11/2015 in Category

We are in an area that is calling out to make a difference in the lives of kids and families, and Foster Care is a huge part of this. In a city full of foster needs, the reality is that many of us

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Stop. Care. Listen

4/17/2015 in Category

It was a stressful and overwhelming day for YFC Case Manager, Charisa, and late one evening it wasn’t over. Charisa needed to get permission for a medical procedure for 2 year old "Leisha," one of

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6 Misconceptions About Foster Care

6/3/2013 in Category

By Lindsy, Tacoma Youth for Christ Foster Parent

1) We are better than you :
We are not saints. We are doing this because it needs doing and we love kids. Some of us hope to expand our

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