Christmas gifts for all!

Posted on by Bobby Arkills

Christmas gifts for all!

My wife loves “unexpected gifts”, you know, those notes that are left on the windshield or a card on the table that simply says, “I love you”.  I have to admit, I’m not always the best at remembering but when I do it’s such a blessing to Jenelle.

Recently, Tacoma YFC has had the privilege of being the “conduit” for some unexpected gifts to kids across Pierce County. During the past two weeks our Foster Care staff has been gearing up to the Foster Care Christmas party that took place last Thursday at University Place Presbyterian Church.  We invited all of our foster families (130 families total) along with their foster children to a nice meal, some entertainment (click here to see a short video) and then we surprised the kids with over 300 gifts that were given by individuals and churches across Pierce County.  Yes, that’s right–300! We had at least one gift (often two) for each foster child and biological child in every foster family. My wife and three daughters were able to attend that night and the looks of surprise and joy on each child’s face was priceless. I’ve included some pictures below.

Becky with a conference room full of foster care gifts!

But the gifts don’t stop there!  Tacoma YFC was also given over 150 gifts from University Place Pres to bless kids in Tillicum as well as another 100+ pillows that were donated by a group of senior ladies from Life Center.  Dan Livingston, Tillicum Youth & Family Center director, called me the other morning, overwhelmed with the response–”I just stopped by UPPC and my van is filled to capacity–the kids in Tillicum will be amazed this Christmas at how many people love them!”

Dan’s van (left) and Christmas pillows (right)

Finally, tonight I’ll be visiting Remann Hall where our JJM team is delivering 75 Christmas boxes to kids who are locked up in this short term facility over the holidays. Chrisy Dorsey, JJM Director, put the word out regarding this opportunity to bless lonely kids, many of whom sit alone in a cell on Christmas, and the response was incredible! Six churches put together 75+ boxes so that we’ll be able to bless the 50 kids in Remann Hall tonight while also having extras for those who will come and go during the next week and a half.

Chrisy with gift boxes

All told that’s over 600 to bless kids across Pierce County.  For so many young people these “unexpected gifts” will not only communicate that someone in the community is thinking about them, but the message of God’s love rings through as they find out that these gifts are from local churches who want to share the great news of Jesus’ birth through this tangible gift.  Merry Christmas!

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