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Posted on by Tacoma YFC

75 middle schoolers from the Tacoma area are at camp right now hearing about the story of Jesus. Will you pray for them today?

It was time for camp.

No matter how much we plan and coordinate, the young people we bring to camp are simply unpredictable. We know who wants to go to camp, we know who has committed to go to camp, but we never completely know which kids will actually show up and make it on the bus. When we arrived in Tillicum Monday morning to bring kids to the bus in Tacoma, we were amazed at who showed up. Young people kept coming and kept coming, we had all the cars full. Roughly 17 kids were packed and ready to go.

As we arrived in to downtown Tacoma for the bus pickup, it was apparent that there were going to be a lot more. Vans started pulling in from all over and before we knew it we had a parking lot full of young people; eager, nervous, uncertain, shy, loud, energetic and quiet. When we finally left Tacoma, we had a total of 75 teenagers on 2 buses, ready for a week they will surely remember.

You never know what to expect.

YFC Camp happens every year and every year the stories, faces and lives changed are unique. Right now, hundreds of youth are experiencing God like they never have before. For many of these kids from Tacoma and the surrounding areas, camp is like nothing they have ever experienced and this is their first time at YFC camp. For some, they've been there multiple times and know what to expect. Whether they have been there before or this is their first time, they are in for a treat. Jesus is sure to meet them in this place about an hour away from our city with a powerful story and a timeless message.

Thank you for praying. Let's see what happens next!

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